Racing finally

25 June 2020|

It finally started again. Last weekend was quite exciting. On Friday, "my" race: the 2nd Tadej Pogačar Cup & Plastika Virant Grand Prix. Compared to the the previous year, the race went one step higher. We had a live broadcast on Siol.net, and it was also possible to watch it on television. Some of my teammates from the UAE Team Emirates also came, and almost all Slovenian competitors in the ProTour teams responded [...]

A week dedicated to rest, easier training and the media

28 May 2020|

I spent the penultimate week of May in the Soča river valley. More precisely in Bovec. I chose Bovec because I’ve never actually been there before. And make no mistake, I was, of course, in a hurry, just cycling past. Another reason for this place, however, was the media obligations - recording the cycling content that was locationally connected to the beautiful valley of the river Soča and the legendary ascent to Vršič [...]

My YouTube Channel

30 April 2020|

I am excited to announce I have launched a YouTube channel and have uploaded the first videos! A place where I will put you in the center of world-class racing and the true meaning of my moto »Never quit trying and never give up!«. Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of my future cycling actions and insights. Tadej

Time for memories of my first Grand Tour: La Vuelta, 2nd week »When you see that you can«

4 April 2020|

Given the current situation it is the right time to look back and continue writing down my memories of my first Grand Tour (Memories of my first Grand Tour: La Vuelta, 1st week »From hell to heaven«). After the victory at stage 9, the tenth day was actually the first day of rest. Of course, this doesn’t mean to stay in bed from morning to evening, but during this day I had a [...]

Nothing new, quarantine

28 March 2020|

It's been a good two weeks since my last report, but nothing special has happened in the meantime. After completing a two-week quarantine in Abu Dhabi with my team, I returned to Monaco. On the way home and my first days on the Cote d'Azur, everything was very nice. I was able to train, but things were getting worse here in France. Late last week, we were banned from leaving home, and since [...]

UAE Tour and quarantine

9 March 2020|

Today, 9th March 2020 is the 11th day that I remain locked in "my" hotel room. It's not really mine alone, as I share it with teammate Erik Bystrom. Who would have thought that things would get so complicated? Nobody. Well, let's go step by step, because the purpose and goal of all this was a stage race across the UAE. We arrived in Dubai for our home race three days before its start. [...]

Memories on my first Grand Tour: La Vuelta, week 1

24 January 2020|

We are already in the middle of “winter” preparations for the coming season – and I still owe you a report I promised a while ago, but never found the time to tackle. I don’t think much about the past, unless someone asks me. My thoughts are focused on the future, on trainings and the preparation for the first challenges of the new year. But a promise is a promise and I must write [...]

Azure Coast and Sierra Nevada

15 January 2020|

It's been a while since my last report. After completing my team preparations at Spanish Benidorm, I spent only a few days at home during the Christmas holidays in December. Immediately after them, Urška and I travelled to Cote d'Azur where we continued our training program. The weather was perfect, as most of the days were full of sunshine and the temperatures were favorable for training. The transition to the New Year has [...]

End of the year – December, month of awards

22 December 2019|

At the end of the year I am completely in the next season in my thoughts. There is not much time, although one could expect that cyclists are more »free« in this period. Only rarely I have the time to think about the past; usually only if someone asks, or like in this present case, when I receive an invitation to an award-giving event for this year. In December I was invited to [...]

It’s slowly starting…

28 November 2019|

The headline above tells us that all the beautiful things were quickly over and this year there was less time considered as holidays. A total of six days that Urška and I spent in Malta, and took our mind off of cycling. After my return, I was only home for a few days, as Urška quickly traveled to team building in Verona, where I joined her after a few days. I visited them [...]