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A week dedicated to rest, easier training and the media
28 May, 2020
A week dedicated to rest, easier training and the media
Fabi Carvalho Švetak

I spent the penultimate week of May in the Soča river valley. More precisely in Bovec. I chose Bovec because I’ve never actually been there before. And make no mistake, I was, of course, in a hurry, just cycling past. Another reason for this place, however, was the media obligations – recording the cycling content that was locationally connected to the beautiful valley of the river Soča and the legendary ascent to Vršič and Mangart. For all cycling enthusiasts and fans let me just give a hint that you will be able to see what we were up to, already in the month of June on television. I can’t say more for now. But I can say that it was interesting to work with the” filming crew” and above all that I once again realized how beautiful Slovenia was.

Well to start in order. After my return to Slovenia, I was able to do quite a bit of quality training on our roads. In the beginning, there were some problems with restricted movement between municipalities, but it did not pose a problem in comparison to the fact that in other countries we had to train indoor using home trainers. In recent weeks, however, things were slowly getting better, in cycling as well. Last week we have with a team already set a framework plan and goals for the continuation of the season together. As you know, in my racing program, the Tour de France has remained, and the other races will be adapted to it, primarily as preparations for the Tour.

Of course, my training program also includes an “easier” week, in which the training is by intensity and hours significantly less demanding and is intended for rest and body regeneration. I used it for recording the show which is being prepared to run on TV and also for some sponsorship commitments. On the location, I was faced with the accommodation problem, as all tourist facilities were closed. A daily commute from my hometown Komenda to Bovec and back would be too exhausting. Luckily, the measures to omit the COVID-19 due to the optimistic epidemic situation in Slovenia were loosened and small tourist accommodations open for business, and in the end it all worked out.

I got accommodation in a nicely decorated family hotel Sanje ob Soči.  Urška and I were also very nicely received. Since Bovec itself lies between valley Trenta and town Kobarid, we had a lot of training routs ideas for those few days. Of course, despite the “easier” week, Vršič and Mangart were not left out. Fortunately, the weather also served us well, so everything went according to plan and in addition to the bike, there was also time for beautiful nature walks and some “adrenaline” activities that Bovec and its surroundings provide.

That’s all in short. The week before me, is again dedicated to serious training and preparations for the first races that we have all been waiting for.


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