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National Championship – Road race Cerklje and Time Trial Pokljuka
8 July, 2020
National Championship – Road race Cerklje and Time Trial Pokljuka
Fabi Carvalho Švetak

 I’m a little late in writing “my” news, you probably know yourselves,  better later than never. I would briefly summarize the last 14 days with the phrase, “Well, it started and it’s right that way.” I am very pleased with “my” race in Komenda, which was a great success and made a big step forward compared to the one last year. The number of competitors and of course you, my fans accounted for that. The race was a good preparation for the Sunday’s National Championship in Cerklje, because most of us have  been far away from the starting line for a while. Saturday was dedicated to regeneration and short training as preparation for Sunday’s race. I felt good on Sunday and I am also satisfied with the performance. Despite the weather with rain interruptions at the beginning and the end, the crowds of spectators were a great pleasure to see and motivate us.

The race unfolded as expected with the breakaway of some competitors, who were  under control thanks to the “help” of  my teammate Jan Polanc and also Žiga Jerman and Luka Mezgec  who kept them at a safe distance all the time. You saw the outcome of the race on the climb: the atmosphere was right , the best man won, and I was satisfied with my performance and second place. During the race itself, I made a mistake but as you probably know we learn from our mistakes and so will I. Congratulations to Primož Roglič for the victory and I can’t go without a compliment to the organizer for well-prepared National Championship.

The very next day, my thoughts turned to the next goal: The National Time Trial Championship Pokljuka. On Wednesday we went to Bled and rode the track twice. The route itself is specific from the point of view that it can be divided into two parts according to the configuration. The first half represents a fairly steep and terraced slope, which is very steep on certain segments, and the second half represents a “plane” if we can call this a rather flat second part, so to speak. Because of this, we started thinking about changing the bike (the first part with a classic, the second part with a time trial bike). On Friday we were in Pokljuka with the whole team and we also tested both bikes. On Saturday we also decided to test the bike  swap with a mechanic and chose to race the first part of the time trial with a road bike and at the end of the first steeper part change to  the bike for time trial. The decision later proved to be the right one. This Sunday my legs were spinning well and I also felt good. I drove optimally and the clock showed that I was the fastest of all, a good 8 seconds faster than Primož Roglič. On the winning stage my teammate Jan Polanc joined me in third place. So we are also satisfied with the team result. “My girlfriend” Urška also contributed to the highlights of the day, winning convincingly in the female category. With this, she also received confirmation that she is training well and that she can already look forward to the upcoming challenges.

To be short. Let’s continue. In the meantime, we also had a preview  of the route of the “Strade Biance” race … but  more about that later…

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