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Racing finally
25 June, 2020
Racing finally
Fabi Carvalho Švetak

It finally started again. Last weekend was quite exciting. On Friday, “my” race: the 2nd Tadej Pogačar Cup & Plastika Virant Grand Prix. Compared to the the previous year, the race went one step higher. We had a live broadcast on Siol.net, and it was also possible to watch it on television. Some of my teammates from the UAE Team Emirates also came, and almost all Slovenian competitors in the ProTour teams responded to my invitation. You’ve probably already learned most things from the media, so I won’t repeat myself, and there’s not much time to write either.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all the sponsors who made the event possible, the organizer who carried out the event flawlessly and of course all the competitors; both to the youngest as well as to the “amateurs” and »elite« riders who have been represented this year as never before. The event was really successful also due to the very good media coverage, and so a big thank you also to all the media that spread the news around the world. It was fun-racing and of course I hope you enjoyed it and that everyone took a fond memory home, that will bring them back to the race next year as well

For those of you who missed the event, you can watch  clips of the race on my YT channel. You can also browse the photo gallery below.


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