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Red wool balls in support of Hemophilia awareness
16 April, 2021
Red wool balls in support of Hemophilia awareness
Comtron d.o.o., David Slovenija

When I race, I can only see the finish line. The win. Legs are pushing and the wheels keep spinning. The body is exhausted but I can make it. I’m grateful that my mind and the body are capable of finishing the race.

Today I’m holding a crimson red ball of wool. The colour of blood. This reminds me of how incredibly privileged I am to be healthy. These days, 1000 red balls of wool are circulating around Slovenia with the sole purpose of raising awareness about a rare blood disease – hemophilia.

On 17th of April, the World day of Hemophilia, these red balls of wool are reminding us of the constant fear from bleeding out that the patients have. The red colour stands for blood that is circulating through our bodies and the clotting factor, which those patients lack. To commemorate this day these balls stand for the Earth coloured in blood red.

Big changes start with tiny steps. With people, who care. So do I, which is why I’m proudly part of the project, that is changing the world into a better place by raising awareness about hemophilia.

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