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Tadej Pogačar receives a very special tribute
10 May, 2022
Tadej Pogačar receives a very special tribute
Gregor Švetak

In the last three years, Tadej Pogačar has become one of the biggest names in the world of sports. Despite his rapid rise among the biggest cycling superstars and his popularity all around the world, Tadej still likes to return to his hometown - Komenda - and takes time for all his close and old acquaintances.

In Komenda, Tadej attended primary school as a child, but the employees still could not believe their eyes when Tadej took his time and visited "his" school just before the Christmas and New Year holidays!

All of his former teachers happily follow his sports career and are very proud of him. With a smile on their face, they also like to remember and bring up some memories from Tadej's childhood in school – for example, how Tadej caught daydreaming instead of reading a book during Slovene language class. When prompted he admitted to the teacher that he was actually thinking about where he could train that afternoon.

During a surprise visit to his primary school, Tadej said that he always likes to return to the "home slopes". On this occasion, he presented the school with a special gift: a signed white jersey, which he won as the best young cyclist at the Tour de France. Everyone present was more than impressed by his gesture and extraordinary success in the cycling world.

The school representative made a statement upon this occasion:

"Although most of us will not reach for such flattering and remarkable titles as the winner of Tour de France or an Olympic medalist, Tadej's example serves us as a motivation for overcoming our daily obstacles."

A few days after his visit to the school, a special tribute was made in his honor and presented as follows:

"We illustrated the importance of effort, sacrifice and cooperation with a mosaic - just as every piece in it is important, so is every little thing and every individual who participates in the pursuit of good. If only one piece is missing, if only one of us is missing – then the picture is not perfect. The lobby of the Komenda Moste Primary School is now richer for a beautiful tribute dedicated to our former student: A mosaic made by art class students is now featured next to the famous white jersey. We inaugurated the tribute with two ceremonies at the beginning of spring: First was during the government's visit to our region and the second was during the visit of Tadej's coach and his family."

"Never quit trying and never give up, is Tadej's motto, which should resonate with each and every single one of us!" - students and teachers of the Komenda Moste Primary School

Photo: Primary School Komenda Moste 

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