The first winter preparations in Spain have been completed

19 January 2022|

The first training camp for the upcoming season has been completed. What did it all look like? We stayed in a hotel complex near the Spanish coastal town of Denia. Most of the teammates were present at the training camp, as well as sports directors, coaches, masseurs, mechanics… in short, the whole team that accompanies and supports us throughout the whole season. On the Spanish roads, where there was no shortage of slopes [...]

World Championships 2021 in Flanders

29 September 2021|

I traveled to the World Championships quite early, as there was an Individual Time Trial scheduled a week before the Road Race. I was accompanied by Jan Tratnik, with whom we represented Slovenian colors on Sunday, September 19th. We both performed to the best of our ability as our legs were well and we achieved good results. Unfortunately, I didn't like the profile of the track even one bit (it was completely flat), [...]

Preparations for the Tour de France are going according to plan

1 June 2021|

The time is passing by quickly and to summarize the last few weeks I can say this: After winning the Liege-Bastogne-Liege race, I had a few days of rest and everything was quite calm. The following week, I was much tighter with the time -  in addition to training, I had a lot of sponsorship and media obligations waiting for me back home in Slovenia. On top of [...]

Red wool balls in support of Hemophilia awareness

16 April 2021|

When I race, I can only see the finish line. The win. Legs are pushing and the wheels keep spinning. The body is exhausted but I can make it. I'm grateful that my mind and the body are capable of finishing the race. Today I'm holding a crimson red ball of wool. The colour of blood. This reminds me of how incredibly privileged I am to be healthy. These days, 1000 red balls [...]

The Basque Country: Difficult but well deserved podium finish

13 April 2021|

It’s not been 24 hours since the end of the race across the Basque Country as I sit and wait at the airport for a flight home and have some time to gather my thoughts last week after a sleepless night. We had six difficult stages ahead of us without a day when I could say we could get some rest. We made a lot of progress with the team compared to last year, [...]

Music plays an important role in my everyday life

29 March 2021|

At the moment, my world mostly revolves around bicycles, cycing training and competitions, but nevertheless I still dedicate a part of my free time listening to music. This motivates me, makes me feel good and allows me to relax. Music accompanies me on trips, warm-ups before and even after the races, as well as at home when I find some time for myself. I listen to practically all genres of music, but I [...]

Days after the UAE Tour victory

12 March 2021|

The UAE Tour ended on Saturday, 27th of February, in an extremely successful fashion for myself and my team. Red T-shirt for the victory in the general classification, white T-shirt for the best young rider, stage victory in the 3rd stage, and the title of the best team in the race. What more could a person want? We are also proud of the fact that we presented ourselves in [...]

Preparations for 2021 season and the season opener on the home race – UAE Tour

18 February 2021|

How time flies when you are having fun. The preparations are already in the past and we're about to start the new season. We are currently back in the UAE, where my first race of this year starts on Sunday – the domestic UAE Tour. To summarise the events of the last two months and bring back the memory: I attended the team preparations for the new season from 6th to 22nd of [...]

New Year’s greetings

31 December 2020|

At the end of the year, I would like to thank all my fans who followed me, cheered for me and “suffered” with me in those most difficult moments. Thank you for all the messages, letters and encouraging words sent. It is impossible to answer and thank each of you, so on the last day of the year I thank everyone together and each one of you individually. THANK YOU! May the new [...]

Let’s help the heroes of the 3rd floor

18 December 2020|

December time is a time of joy, gifts and beautiful moments that we want to spend with our loved ones. It is common for families to gather together and spend this magical Christmas time together. Unfortunately, for some, the image of these beautiful December days is broken by a cruel fate that instantly changes their lives, destroys all their expectations and dreams, and drags them into an abyss that has no bottom. Nothing [...]

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