The headline above tells us that all the beautiful things were quickly over and this year there was less time considered as holidays. A total of six days that Urška and I spent in Malta, and took our mind off of cycling. After my return, I was only home for a few days, as Urška quickly traveled to team building in Verona, where I joined her after a few days. I visited them on the day of the presentation of their new ALÉ BTC Ljubljana team. The Gala was very nicely organized and I hope the new team will work in a similar style. The next day in Verona I had some obligations to a new sponsor (more about this in December) and then our trip took us to Milan, where we visited the Colnago company. The owner, Mr. Ernesto Colnago, welcomed us personally and showed us the production of bicycles and described the history of the company. He also took us to his office where we could see some of the hystorical cycling moments in pictures and articles. At the end of the visit, we also received a small gift, which will remind us of our first visit to the company that manufactures the bicycles that I have been racing with so far and will continue to do in the future.

Our journey took us from Milan to the Côte d’Azur, where our first training sessions began with calm rides and the accumulation of kilometers for the coming season. The weather was quite poor at the beginning, even by the sea, as this part of Europe is not very used to the rain, at least not in such quantities. Because of this, some workouts had to be done on the trainer. Otherwise, the roads and slopes around here are very nice and the bike routes are very interesting. It probably looks like this, because it is a new environment for me, unlike the local roads that I have cycled on numerous times. Everything is somehow new. We are staying here until early December, return home for a few days, and then continue with team training camps in Spain.

Just one last thing. I received invitations to attend two events and I have received two awards. The first, awarded by the Slovenian Cycling Association for Special Achievements in Road Cycling, and the second, the award by Marjan Rožanca, awarded by the City of Ljubljana for outstanding sports achievements. I am very proud to have received both these awards, as I am aware that in Slovenian sport the competition is great and thus every such achievement is even more valuable. I thank the organizers and at the same time apologize for my absence.


Photo: personal archive