At the moment, my world mostly revolves around bicycles, cycing training and competitions, but nevertheless I still dedicate a part of my free time listening to music. This motivates me, makes me feel good and allows me to relax. Music accompanies me on trips, warm-ups before and even after the races, as well as at home when I find some time for myself.

I listen to practically all genres of music, but I think I identify most with Rap. In addition to foreign hits, my “playlist” also consists of Slovenian rap, including rapper Drill. We were “connected” on social media before, and when he asked me if I could help take a few shots on a bike for his new music video, I did not hesitate for a moment.

The shooting of the music video started shortly after returning to my homeland after winning the Tour de France. The video for the song “Peaks and Abyss” was shot in the coastal hinterland around Rižana and Sočerga, where I combined my training sessions with the filming.

The song “Peaks and Abyss” was released a few months ago however, initially, it had no music video. The song itself strongly coincides with my slogan “Never quit trying and never give up”, so I immediately recognized myself in it.

The lyrics of the song say that we should never give up on following our dreams and that we should learn from mistakes and falls and become even stronger. Happiness is on the side of the brave and only the chosen will fall through the sieve of their excesses. Through it, rapper Drill communicates that everyone should do what they cultivate a passion for and believe in themselves.

The lyrics are spot on and have a lot in common with cycling. The peaks and abyss illustrate the ups and downs not just in cycling, but in life in general, so I think it’s a great, motivational song. We made a good music video that we can all be happy with. We managed to create a really nice product.

The song “Peaks and Abyss” is available to Slovenian listeners on many radio stations throughout the country. Those of you who have not yet heard the song or seen the video can check it out here:

Photo: Alen Milavec, Alan Bučar Vukšić