At the road race of the 92th World Championship Tadej Pogačar performed best of all Slovenian competitors and came in 18th. The weather was shaping the course of the race from beginning to end. All Slovenian cyclists were active, as both Primož Roglič and Jan Polanc escaped at the beginning of the race.

Soon after completing a round of over 14 kilometres they were caught and since that moment the selection was getting even more severe. Surprisingly the victory fell to the Danish Mads Pedersen ahead of the Italian Trentino. The group shrunk from round to round and the Slovenians were falling away one after the other, up to Tadej Pogačar as the last one. He demonstrated once again what an exceptional and versatile cyclists he was and that we can count on him for future one-day races too.

After the race Tadej told that he had a good day in his legs, yet from round to round his tiredness increased due to the extremely severe conditions, so at the end he was not capable to compete for one of the first ten places.

This member road race concluded the Wold Championship and also the competition part for Tadej Pogačar in this season; in general, the season was very successful. Tomorrow, on 30 September 2019 at 5 pm, you will be able to greet him at Kongresni trg in Ljubljana together with the Slovenian volleyball heroes and Primož Roglič.