It’s been a good two weeks since my last report, but nothing special has happened in the meantime. After completing a two-week quarantine in Abu Dhabi with my team, I returned to Monaco. On the way home and my first days on the Cote d’Azur, everything was very nice. I was able to train, but things were getting worse here in France. Late last week, we were banned from leaving home, and since then, training outside is no longer allowed. So, except for a few days in between, I’m back in quarantine, thankfully with my girlfriend at least. The daily ritual is now fairly similar day by day. Waking up around 9am in the morning… .slowly with no hurry. We make breakfast and eat it in peace. After breakfast, we wait a while, watch some TV series, and then start our morning training on the trainer.

Fortunately, we have a terrace and two trainers so we can do this part of the training outside in the fresh air. This part of the training lasts from 1-1.5 hours. That training on the trainer is not so monotonous, we also use the Zwift app or listen to music. After training, Urška usually prepares a good lunch and I really can’t complain about food. Even the shops are getting back to normal capacities right now; however, there were a few days last week when stores were literally emptied. After lunch, we go for a short stroll through the city and then gradually buy what we need for our kitchen. This is followed by an afternoon training on the trainer from 1-1.5 hours, and occasionally we also do training for strength or torso stabilization. Then it’s Urška’s turn for dinner again. Last night she made a delicious pizza, but today ???? and so the days pass. The limitations here are similar to elsewhere, so we have no problems. In the professional sport of cycling, there is not much time for “socializing” and other things, so this is not so bad, and from this point of view, cyclists are used to being patient and withstanding even worse. The only “problem” is the nice weather outside, which just pulls you out. Well, hopefully this won’t drag on for another month or two and that things will return to normal as quickly as possible. Just as I was writing this, information came out that the Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year. Yeah, what can you do. It is the same and it is the same for everyone. All you have to do is adjust to the current situation as quickly as possible, take advantage of the conditions that are available and then it will be easier. I think that cyclists generally do not have problems adjusting to certain conditions and we are doing well.

In the evening, we usually watch another good movie or series and the day is over. The days are so repetitive, that we cannot separate Monday from Sunday as it also happens most times on professional tours, we can orientate only with training sessions and races, which are currently and have been gone for a while. Until then make sure you stay healthy, stay home and follow the guidelines of officials, as we can all together be able to overcome the virus.