Tadej Pogačar, the winner of Tour de France 2020, founded the Pogi Team as part of the Rog Cycling Association, which includes cyclists who want to become as successful as Roglič and Pogačar on the world cycling scene.

Tadej has been training at the KD Rog club since he was nine years old. We all remember how he raced on a green Billato bike. The bike was almost bigger than Tadej. He took the first race in Trstenik near Kranj. Other competitors were at least a year or two older than him, some even three years. He finished last, but he didn’t drop out. He was a quick learner, and he never finished last again.

He was encouraged by trainers such as Miha Koncilija, Tomaž Kališnik, Sebastjan Bauman, Gašper Modic, Andrej Hauptman and Marko Polanc. They recognized his talent and taught him the basics of racing, as well as interpersonal relationships, respect and solidified his will to work. His moto Never quit and never give up was not laid in the cradle but was shaped by the environment in which he grew up and sweated.

Miha Koncilija, Tadej’s first coach, was appointed director of the team by Tadej. This is how he commented on his new role: Tadej has shown us all his human greatness many times, but it’s really beautiful that at the age of 22 he feels responsible to give something back to cycling and the club in which he was raised. It is an immense honour and pleasure for me to be able to lead the Pogi Team together with all my colleagues and coaches and I am confident that together we will be able to raise future cycling champions for a long time to come.

Under the auspices of the Pogi Team there is also a school for the youngest who are interested in cycling. The Pogi Team includes all categories of boys as well as younger and older juniors in its ranks.

When you do good things, good things will come to you, so Tadej Pogačar decided to start investing in the club. I want young cyclists to have the best training conditions possible. With the financial and material aid from the sponsors, it will be easier to work in the club and make it more financially acceptable for young cyclists and their parents, said Tadej, who brought several sponsors (donors) from abroad and Slovenia, who wished to sponsor him personally, but he diverted all donations to the Pogi Team.

In season 2021 the team will be called Pogi Team Generali, a sponsor who has been working with KD Rog for many years. Other sponsors of the team include Slovenian Tourist Organization (STO) branded I feel Slovenia, Tuš, Municipality of Ljubljana, Peugeot, Telekom Slovenije, Guardiaris, Tadej Pogačar, and among foreign sponsorship names there are Colnago, Met, Prologue, DMT and Ale.

The Pogi Team also has a new logo – a symbol of the sun, composed of a blue core and yellow rays, which represents movement, mission. The center, the source and the infinite energy are the basis for achieving the set goals. Yellow rays symbolize the expansion of energy and passion unlimited outwards. This creates a strong connection between the blue core and a dynamic youthful aura of the sun, which expands and is as boundless as the energy of the young people that Tadej wants to support in their dreams.

The Rog Ljubljana Cycling Association has a 72-year tradition of educating young and talented cyclists such as Primož Čerin, Jure Pavlič, Gorazd Penko, Boris Premužič, Martin Hvastija, Zoran Klemenčič, Andrej Hauptman, Borut Božič, Jure Kocjan, Luka Mezgec, Jan Tratnik, Jan Polanc and Luka Pibernik. The association brings together three teams under its roof: the men’s member continental team Gusto Santic Ljubljana, the women’s professional team BTC City Ljubljana, the children’s and youth team Pogi Team Generali and the organization of the largest cycling event in Slovenia Marathon Franja.

The training for all beginners involved in the Pogi Team cycling school will take place twice a week at the police training ground in Tacen from March till October. The contact email address for all new members is info@kdrog.si (the contact person is Borut Dežman, coach responsible for younger categories of boys).

The name Pogi Team, backed by Tadej Pogačar, in itself commands respect. The children’s and youth team will be happy to train with the awareness that they are supported by one of the best cyclists in the world, so they will definitely not run out of motivation and good will.