A crowd of cycling enthusiasts gathered in Komenda on October 8, 2019, who came to greet the two heroes of this year’s race in Spain; Tadej Pogacar and Luka Pibernik. The event was accompanied by a rich program, which was started by Godba Komenda and  was continued by the Špica band. Then finally, both riders finally came on stage and were rewarded with noisy cheering.Our champions then answered the host’s questions about their race in Spain. Afterwards the stage was taken over by Hip-Hop World Champions, brothers Erce. The event continued with a speech of the Mayor of Komenda Mr. Poglajn and the chairman of (KZS) cycling association Slovenia, Mr. Grm. The  next following speakers were coach Miha Koncilia and UAE team sport director Andre Hauptman, who answered many questions. The event ended with noisy cheering and gifts for both riders. Then the visitors were able to continue having fun with our riders and had the option to check out TP’s merchandise collection which was also available to them.

Photo: Prijavim.se