If the longest journey starts with the first step, in cycling you could say that the journey to the Champs Elysees starts with the first bike. Tadej Pogačar, a two-time champion of the Tour de France, began his cycling career with a bike that was not his own, but belonged to the club. The desire of sharing his success and giving something back to the society and environment where it all started, led to the decision to found the Pogi Team Cycling School a year ago. With the help of Miha Koncilja and Andrej Hauptman, Tadej’s efforts resulted in better training conditions for more than 150 young cyclists aged 6 to 18 in the past year.

“For a long time, I have wanted to set up a children’s and youth cycling team. Ever since Miha and Andrej and I charted the path of the Pogi Team a year ago, I strongly believe in the success of this story. We are doing our best to create the optimal training conditions for more than 150 children. With the help of sponsors, the work in the club will be easier and more affordable for many promising cyclists, “said Tadej Pogačar after the first year of cycling school existence.

Under the auspices of the Pogi Team, there is a cycling school for children from the age of six onwards, boys categories U13, U14 and U15, juniors and seniors. In the future, the club also wants to form a team of younger members up to the age of 23, which will enable young talented cyclists to transfer to foreign professional clubs.

Pogi Team values
Hard work, organization, patience, perseverance, focus, motivation, fair play, enthusiasm, self-confidence, education before competitive goals, compassion for those in need, returning to the environment which you come from.

The Pogi Team has seven excellent coaches who train young cyclists twice a week from March to October at the Tacen police training grounds and accompany their protégés in cycling races throughout the year. Pogačar advises young cyclists to enjoy training as much as possible, have fun and be happy with themselves. They should be motivated by a clear goal, while not forgetting to rest and eat well. Tadej, of course, did not forget to add that they should never quit trying and never give up!

With the Pogi Team Cycling School, promising young cyclists have gained better training conditions, excellent professional staff and a well-established organizational team, which the Rog Cycling Club with a more than 70-year tradition, undoubtedly has. With a great feeling for young cyclists and with gratitude to his first club, Pogačar is now promoting cycling among young people through the Pogi Team. We can only wonder how Tadej Pogačar’s sports career would have turned out if he hadn’t had the opportunity to train cycling as a schoolboy?!


Photo : Alen Milavec