I traveled to the World Championships quite early, as there was an Individual Time Trial scheduled a week before the Road Race. I was accompanied by Jan Tratnik, with whom we represented Slovenian colors on Sunday, September 19th. We both performed to the best of our ability as our legs were well and we achieved good results. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the profile of the track even one bit (it was completely flat), but I still managed to squeeze everything I had in me. By ranking among the top ten and reaching the desired average speed, I fulfilled my goal and was satisfied with what was shown. Of course, you always want more, but I think I gave my best on such a track in the given circumstances.

I stayed at the World Championships venue all week and did some more training. On Wednesday, we were joined by other guys from the team, except for Primož, who arrived later on. On Thursday, we did training as a team on the route of the World Championships. We also talked and made an analysis of the track while trying to plan and prepare all the possible scenarios for Sunday’s race events. The atmosphere in the team was spot on and we awaited the race with a lot of positive energy and optimism. On the race day, everything was going according to plan and we did a great job before the race started to “break”. At that moment, I was a bit late and out of the position. Looking back now, I think that I should have stayed with Matej during that selection and later on help him to the best possible ranking in the final part of the race. Below the decisive slope, I have been unfortunately positioned three or four places behind the “main” actors in the group, and when a gap suddenly appeared, it could simply no longer be covered. There were 17 riders left in front and some countries had two or even three representatives each. This is what we wanted and planned ourselves and although Luka and I were quite close, we could not reach the front group anymore. Of course, in this ideal scenario, everything would have gone differently however, the reality was Matej being left alone in front. That is how things went down and nothing can be changed. In cycling, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Anyhow, it was a beautiful experience with exceptional cheering scenery along the entire track, a huge number of spectators and a good national team atmosphere!

Now it is time for a few more training sessions ahead of upcoming races in Italy and the end of the season in Lombardy.

Photo: BettiniPhoto