Do you know the feeling when you put on a jacket and suddenly discover a banknote that you have forgotten about in your pocket?! Something similar happened to Tadej Pogačar a few days ago, except that it was not a jacket, but the international cycling association UCI, and instead of a banknote, 10 more points, which were forgotten during the competitions were added to Tadej’s total count. But who would blame them, because at 5363 points even the UCI can make a small mistake.

Yes, Tadej’s total for the year 2021 is 5363 points. It is a record-setting amount since the UCI rankings were introduced in 2014. The previous record was held by Peter Sagan for the last five years, all until this season when @TamauPogi surpassed his total by only 4 points.

At the end of this amazing season, we are proud to announce that Tadej Pogačar is the best cyclist in the world and the new UCI rankings record holder with the highest number of total points at the end of the season in the history of modern cycling!