Winning photo


Photo 1 – 14%
Photo 2 – 15%
Photo 3 – 30%
Photo 4 – 14%
Photo 5 – 27%

Photo: Alen Milavec

Buy Tadej Pogačar T-shirts and other fan merchandise

We have good news for all the fans. T-shirts for all Tadej Pogačar fans are available. The T-shirts in a distinctive red color are available in a variety of cuts – men’s, women’s and children’s cut. Check the sizes according to the cut in our shop. In addition to T-shirts, we have prepared other fancy items.

Signed card by Tadej Pogačar

Fans can get a signed card from Tadej Pogačar. Just send the envelope in your envelope (double envelope) with the appropriate stamp and your written address to which we will return the shipment.

Motnica 7a
1236 Trzin